Great job everyone in todays Wod! As we get closer to the new year and now over 2 months of Crossfitting under our belt it is easy to get clock oriented! Remember the goal in every Wod is not to come in first, but it is to do the movements correctly. It is easy to sacrifice form so that we can be #1 on the leaderboard. This is the wrong outlook, instead we should be looking to get stronger, faster and improving our form.The by product of this will result in top scores on the leaderboard. CrossFit is about getting comfortable with the discomfort! So we need to practice our weakness’s , if we just did the things we liked to do we would be back in the globo gym doing the tricep pushdown machine staring in the mirror:)

We as a gym are excited for the new Whole Life Challenge coming up in January! This will look at not just our gym activity but our consistency in Nutrition, mobility, sleep, water consumption, and fitness level. In eight weeks you will be tested in these categorize, there will also be a fitness test in the beginning and at the end of the eight weeks. We will also look at circumference measurements  around the abdomen and the hips. You will be placed on teams which will help with accountability. To find out more about the Challenge click on the link!

Swingin’ Annie

50-40-30-20-10 reps, for time of:
Double Under
Kettlebell Swing, 53/35 lbs
AbMat Sit-up