I hope everyone has a blessed thanksgiving! May it be a time that we look at how we can serve others that are put in our lives. Take the time this Thanksgiving weekend and let someone know how much you appreciate them! I want to let you guys know that I am very appreciative of such wonderful members that are hard workers and have great attitudes ,it shows in the results!


Great job 5pm Class, you took Murph down!  I know that I switched the workout at the last minute, but now your sitting back loving the feeling that it has given you:) Now its time for the Wednesday class to do the same:)

Remember this is not a sprint….it is a marathon!…..Slow and steady and SMILE:)


For time: Run, 1 mi
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air Squats
Run 1 mi
Main Sanctuary   Overflow  Front Porch Firm Foundations
Run: 1 Mile Run: ¾ Mile Run ½ Mile Run ¼ Mile
Pull Ups: 100 Pull Ups: 75 Pull Ups: 50 Pull Ups: 25
Push Ups: 200 Push Ups: 150 Push Ups: 100 Push Ups: 50
Squats: 300 Squats: 225 Squats: 150 Squats: 75
Run: 1 Mile Run: ¾ Mile Run ½ Mile Run ¼ Mile