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Hello CF2S Members!

I’m going to be playing a really fun online health & wellness game called the Whole Life Challenge in January.  I’d love for you to join me and be on my team.

 The WLC is a challenge to see how much of an impact you can have on you body, fitness and lifestyle habits over 8 weeks.

 I’m really excited for it, and I think you’d love it too.  And by the way – by doing it together, we’d both get better results, stay motivated, and have much more fun!

The game starts on January 11th, but you should register right away to get ready. If you have any questions let me know. There’s also a ton of info on their website ( Here is the link to sign up on our team

Don’y wait get signed up today, and jump start your new year!


Mr. Joshua

5 rounds for time of:
Run, 400 m
30 Sit Up (Ghd)s
15 Deadlifts, 250 lbs