Make sure you pickup at the front desk a postcard for our grand opening on December 12th from 4pm-8pm! Please let us know if you are able to attend and if you are bringing someone. This will help us with preparation of food and event!

This month we will start to prepare our goals for the new year. We would like all members to write them down and turn them in to the front desk, along with circumference measurements of abdomen, hips and weigh in on scale . Also if you have not taken a before picture, please let us know so we can take your picture.

This month we will start to put together a foundation of what our max lifts, max runs, and max rows are so we can hit the new year in the race not just talking about the race. We have some exciting things that we will be implementing in the New Year! Stay tune:)


Run : 5x 800 m, rest 5 mins

Each for time: Run: 5x 800 m