I’ve struggled with my weight all my life but it wasn’t until after I had my beautiful daughters that I realized I really needed to make a permanent lifestyle change. My husband joined CrossFit2Serve in October 2013 and I watched his amazing transformation before my eyes and it was awe-inspiring. After much thought and prayer in January 2014 I took a step of faith and signed up for CrossFit2Serve and joined in the Whole Life Challenge. After four months I have lost 41 pounds! It goes so far beyond just the weight-loss but it is a whole mental shift that has happened where I focus more on my health and fitness resulting in weight loss, strength, mobility, endurance and overall I am so much happier! I thank the Lord for placing me at CrossFit2Serve and surrounding me with the most amazing, encouraging, inspiring and loving people; that are taking this journey alongside me. I’m so excited for what the future holds!

Jennifer Langbergunnamed