On Ramp: Intro to CrossFit

The On Ramp Program is a 4-week course that you can start at anytime. On Ramp Classes will introduce you to CrossFit fundamentals. In addition, they prepare you for moving into group classes by providing you with education and coaching on the basic movements, practice of the movements and intelligent substitution exercises to suit your specific needs. It is also the safest and surest way that we can help you get started, achieve peak performance, and comfort before entering a faster pace CrossFit class.

This is a REQUIRED before you can enter a CrossFit class at CrossFit 2 Serve

On Ramp sessions are small-group training sessions. There is also a One-On-One training option for those requiring a more flexible schedule. Regardless of your athletic background or how out of shape you might be, we will work to teach you the basics lifts and put you through a workout of the day (WOD). Even if you have been doing CrossFit a while and feel the need to review the movements, you are still welcome to attend. The goal of the sessions is safety and proficiency in the movements so you will receive feedback following the class on passing the movement! Although instruction based, these are fun and interactive sessions for everyone!

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