Fit 2 Serve Ministries Inc. is a registered 501C3!

Fit 2 Serve Ministries Inc. has several programs underneath their Ministry:

Fit 2 Serve Fitness is a high intensity private & group fitness program, with an emphasis on spiritual growth, in one of the most positive atmospheres you’ll ever experience!


Transforming Lives Inside and Out All Around the World

The way that we accomplish that will be through our:


Becoming Fit Physically & Spiritually to Serve Others

This organization mentors adults & youth to allow them to find and fulfill the purpose that God has set before them! We are helping bridge the gap between Faith & Fitness! We believe the adversity that we get to practice everyday in our physical workouts help us with the adversity that we face in our everyday faith walk!

In 2017 we had the opportunity to serve and impact over 200 people through our fitness center and service projects in Mexico, and local outreaches!

Our goal in 2018 is to mentor 30 new youth and train them up physically through functional Fitness and showing them a biblical way to live as teenagers through our mentor program! This spiritual training will be done through small group discipleship and service projects in the community! We are looking forward to impacting over 800 lives in the year 2018?

The Problem

There are thousands of physically and spiritually out-of-shape adults & youth in our community.

Our Solution

  • Train – We train individuals and groups and show them the parallels between faith and fitness.
  • Demonstrate – We demonstrate the beauty of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  • Love – We love each person right were they are at so they feel part of community.
  • Partner – We come alongside others as they walk through a physically & spiritual
  • Send – We send out our members to start serving others locally, nationally, and throughout the
  • Build – We build up leaders and send out to open other Fit 2 Serve chapters.