Meet The Staff

Coach Derek (CEO & FOUNDER)

Hello everyone! My name is Derek Del Rosario, I am married to my beautiful wife Anna Marie Del Rosario! We have two kids Christopher & Alyssa, and we are blessed to have three grandkids Mason, Michael, and Chloe! I grew up in a sport oriented family playing basketball, football, tennis and baseball. My love started at an early age of 7 years old playing the game of tennis. By the age of 12 years old I was able to gain State Ranking in California and National Ranking in The U.S.

In College I had the opportunity to play #2 Singles and #1 Doubles on the team, with wins over Stanford, Cal Berkeley, UCLA, San Diego University to name a few. My second year of college I had a major injury that had me have to spend a year back home in Monterey rehabbing.

The injury caused me to refocus what my career was going to be which led me to move to Las Vegas in 1997. In 2002 I opened up my first health club which was an all women’s health club called ‘Lady of America’. In 2009 I was introduced to CrossFit and in 2013 we opened at the time was called CrossFit 2 Serve. God gave me a clear vision of using my love for fitness as the bridge to share the Gospel.

Over the next three years I gained several certifications to help push the vision forward! CrossFit Level 1 & 2, CrossFit Coaches Prep, Olympic Lifting, Endurance, Gymnastics, Mobility, Football and CrossFit Kids.

I believe my biggest accomplishment over the years in fitness is walking side by side with our Fit 2 Serve staff and Coaches to push God’s Kingdom forward with Faith & Fitness! Our Mission at Fit 2 Serve is Becoming Fit Physically & Spiritually to Serve Others.

This allows us to start moving towards our long term vision of “Transforming Lives Inside and Out all around the World”

Things I like to do:

  • Go to church with my wife
  • Eat lots of strange food
  • Dance and act goofy
  • Working out
  • Love watching all sports
  • Mentoring others

Coach Anna Marie

Hello, my name is Anna Marie. I’ve been married to Derek Del Rosario since 2002, I have been blessed with three children Alyssa, Christopher, Madison and three grandchildren Mason (7) Chloe (5) and Michael (4).

I grew up in Monterey California until my move to Henderson Nevada in 1998. Derek and I both share a love for helping children, especially those from broken homes as that is how we grew up and in 2009 the birth of Exposing Kids to Greatness Christian Mentoring program began.

In 2013 the Lord saw fit to call myself and my husband into youth ministries were we served for 9.5 years at Calvary Chapel Green Valley.

The most important things in my life are Jesus, family and friends. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, traveling, decorating and baking

Coach Dave

Hi, Coach Dave here! I met Derek shortly after he founded F2S in 2014 at a fund raiser in a park. His thousand watt smile and friendly “you can do this” approach won me over quickly. This was just before he wrecked me with his baseline workout right there at his booth.

For the next five years he trained me the same as he is training you now. One day he asked me to consider pursuing a coaching certificate. I was very nervous and the testing was very challenging but eventually I qualified to begin the adventure of becoming a F2S coach, but not without the help and prayers of my good brothers Derek and Basil and another friend.

Honestly, it has been a long and stressful journey with many stutters and stumbles. But Coach Derek has always been there to hold me up and pray for me. I’m thankful to God for faithfully walking with me to bring me to where I am today as a fitness coach for Christ at F2S.

But wait, there’s more!

Fun facts:

  • in my spare time I’m an occasional artist and I like to repair damaged art.
  • I inherited a love for rare/unusual plants from my grandma.
  • Ask me and I’ll show you some pictures.
  • I am currently studying to become a voice over actor.
  • I have thirty years experience operating earth moving equipment.
  • I began my new life with Jesus in 1983.
  • I enjoy studying geology and paleontology.

Blessings! Coach Dave.

Coach Tawnie

Hey there! My name is Tawnie. I am the administrative assistant here at Fit2Serve and I have the honor of serving Derek and Anna Marie with various tasks from gym and ministry office tasks, event/outreach coordinating and just about anything else Derek throws my way

The Lord brought me to Fit2Serve 4 years ago. I have always been very athletic growing up but in 2018 I found myself severely overweight and I was looking to get healthy, again. Little did I know that Fit2Serve was also a faith based gym, it was an answer to prayer! I had given my life to Christ not too long before and was praying for a community of brothers and sisters to walk through life with.

3 years later, after much prayer and anticipation the Lord opened up the door for me to work in ministry full time!

I wake up every morning and praise God for His grace poured out over my life. To have the opportunity to serve every woman, teen and child that walks through our doors is something I never would have imagined God had in store for me. I’m excited to see what God does through the amazing team he has put together at Fit2Serve!

Some other other things I enjoy outside of training are:

  • Binge watching movies with my husband
  • Spending time with family
  • Baking and cooking
  • Running
  • Crocheting or anything crafty

Coach Basil

Hi! My name is Basil Samara and I am one of the coaches here at Fit 2 Serve Fitness. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I started out at Fit 2 Serve as a gym member about 5 years ago. I remember my first workout being 150 wall balls for time. Man was that a wake up call! Something that I thought would be easy was one of the most challenging things I had ever done, both physically and mentally.

A couple years in I was blessed with the opportunity to take on the role of a coach. I absolutely love teaching nutrition and functional movement to our members. Everyday I have the opportunity to learn something new and strengthen my skills as a coach everyday in order to serve others! I could not have prayed for anything better!

Some of the things I enjoy doing outside of the gym (other than picking up heavy stuff) are:

  • Spending time with my wife
  • Dirt biking
  • Coding
  • Learning more about training and nutrition
  • Spending time with my family

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Coach Adam

Hey everyone! My name is Adam! I am the kids/teens coach at Fit2Serve. I started attending this gym in 2014 when I was just 15 years old. I started out as a member in our teens class, being built up not only physically but spiritually by our other amazing coaches.

I’ve known Derek and his wife’s for many years now since before Fit2Serve as my youth leaders at church. 8yrs later I am now 22 and coaching the classes I grew up in and I absolutely love it! I am growing and learning new things everyday.

Outside of the gym I work as a delivery driver for Chick-fil-A and in my spare time I enjoy working on and shaping wood that I find as well as spending time learning the saxophone and other instruments I find interest in.