Many adults have fallen in love with CrossFit, but it isn’t something that will just benefit adults. In one of our previous blogs, we talked about how CrossFit Kids helps to fight off childhood obesity, but getting in good shape is just one of the many advantages to bringing your child to CrossFit. The following is our list of some of the many advantages of bringing your child to our CrossFit gym in Henderson:

  • Builds confidence – A big part of CrossFit is pushing your body to do things that you never thought it could, which helps all of us to hold our heads up higher and builds more confidence.
  • Promotes discipline – Once a child sees how much their hard work is paying off, it will help them to learn discipline! The more disciplined they are, the better results they will get.
  • Provides a safe emotional release – Just as intense exercise, like lifting weights, can be a great emotional release for adults, it can have similar benefits for children as well. Kids are rapidly changing and growing, which can make it hard to cope. That is why having a safe emotional release is so important.
  • Builds a stronger bond with you – As your kids grow, it can be hard to retain that same bond that you had when they were younger. CrossFit is a great common bond that will not only help to keep the conversation going, but it will also help you to remain close.
  • Promotes camaraderie – There is so much competition out there that it can be difficult to teach your child about teamwork and camaraderie. During CrossFit, no one is left behind, which is a lesson we could all stand to learn!