As fast as you can, drop down and do 20 push-ups, then 30 sit-ups, then stand and do 10 deadlifts. Now, repeat those steps and then collapse from utter exhaustion. Indeed, this workout is but a page from the book of crossfit, the workout talk of our nation. That is, talk for some, addiction for others. But just why is this training routine taking the nation by storm?

Workouts that push your body to extremes are hardly new or newsworthy. But crossfit has captured the spirits and imagination of those with every type of body and personality. Ask any crossfit fan why they indulge in the craze and they will likely tell you they were seeking a training routine that would change their lives.

Sure, much of the exposure crossfit generates is through the media. After all, you can’t flip through the channels during late-night viewing without seeing a glut of infomercials inspiring couch potatoes to get up and do some deadlifts. But beyond the TV fueled dreams, crossfit has people hooked. For example, many enjoy the group setting that generates a sense of camaraderie, if not motivation. Crossfit aims to be a supportive community, this goes a long way in keeping people coming back for even more punishment.

Crossfit also keeps focus on movements that don’t favor any particular sport. In theory, everybody starts out on equal ground. That is, just because you played high school football or college baseball doesn’t mean you hold a crossfit advantage. Crossfit is a level playing field.

At Crossfit 2 Serve, we aim to transform the lives of Las Vegas residents through crossfit training. We believe that without a goal, discipline is self-punishment. For more information concerning our programs, feel free to give us a call.