If you’re a beginner to CrossFit, you’ve likely never heard of the CrossFit Open. What exactly is the CrossFit Open? Can I participate? Should I participate? Fit 2 Serve CrossFit near Las Vegas is a top-rated CrossFit box that offers a wide variety of programs and classes to meet your schedule and needs. Contact us today!


The CrossFit Open is a nationwide CrossFit competition for those seeking to make it to the CrossFit Games. It’s open to everyone who wants to compete. Registration is online, and for a nominal fee (currently $20 in 2019), you can compete.


For five weeks, usually beginning at the end of February, Dave Castro, the head of the CrossFit Games, will announce one CrossFit workout every week on a Thursday night. You then have until the following Monday to complete the workout with a certified judge who will verify your score. Once you complete the CrossFit workout for that week, you will go online to enter your score, which will be verified by someone at your box. Once your score has been verified, you’ll be able to see your ranking online versus all of those competing in your age group.

The announcement, especially the first announcement of the CrossFit Open, is a big deal. Some CrossFit boxes throw parties to watch the announcement. The announcement is always held at a different box, and the workout is performed by two competitors from the previous CrossFit Games.


While it is true that only a very small percentage of CrossFit athletes make it to the CrossFit Games, the CrossFit Open is for everyone. In fact, it’s become a great community event for most boxes. Now known as “Friday Night Lights,” many CrossFit boxes will all perform the latest release on Friday night following Thursday’s announcement. Dressing up is common with a theme as well as food and drinks afterwards to celebrate your achievement. It’s a great way to come together, get in a great workout that most CrossFit boxes are doing, and have fun.


Being nationwide, the CrossFit Open will allow you to see where you rank, not only regionally, but also nationally. It’s the only CrossFit competition that will allow you to see how you compare to everyone around the world. And while you may not particularly care, it’s fun. Furthermore, you might learn you’re better than you give yourself credit for, depending on your ranking.

Fit 2 Serve CrossFit near Las Vegas has one more very important reason to participate in the CrossFit Open: it’ll push you. CrossFit competitions in general, but especially the Open, will push you to do things you might not otherwise do, such as trying to do a toes to bar (where your toes touch the bar) or attempting your first unassisted pull up. You might be surprised what you can do, which will boost your confidence and give you drive to get even better.

One word of caution: don’t push yourself to do something you haven’t been training for; you’ll put yourself at risk of injury, which is never worth it for just a competition you probably won’t win. For example, if you don’t have strict pull-ups, you should not be attempting advanced gymnastics moves such as bar muscle-ups or ring muscle-ups.


CrossFit Headquarters recently made changes to the qualification process for the CrossFit Open in 2019 in order to make it more global. Every country will now have its own national Fittest Man and Fittest Woman, in addition to the global champion with the title of Fittest Man in the World and Fittest Woman in the World. The Regionals have now been replaced by16 newly sanctioned events acting as invitationals. The winning male, female, and team from each event will be heading to the CrossFit Games. The total number of athletes qualifying for the CrossFit Games is about the same: around 200 men and 200 women competing in the individual fields. Each nation with affiliates will send one male and one female for a total of 324 athletes. Then the 32 winners will compete from the 16 sanctioned events as well as the top 20 from the CrossFit Open that don’t end up being national champions. Four wild card spots have been reserved for “at-large” athletes to round out the field.

This year there will actually be two Opens: the traditional CrossFit Open in February and then another one in October. This is because the timing of the CrossFit Games is being moved. It has usually been in the summer; now the CrossFit Games will be moved to the winter.


The CrossFit Open is a special time for CrossFitters. There is usually excitement, nerves, and fun. It can also be heart-breaking and disappointing, depending on your Open training. Some CrossFit athletes spend all year training for the CrossFit Open. For those, the CrossFit Open is their true test of how much they’ve improved in one year. The CrossFit Open is known for throwing in hard moves to challenge the everyday athlete. However, that being said, every CrossFit workout is scalable, meaning there is a version for everyone. For example, instead of doing push-ups from your toes, you can choose to do push-ups from your knees.

Fit 2 Serve CrossFit sees the CrossFit Open as an opportunity for us to come together as a community. It provides a chance for those who attend the same class time to see others in our community they may not see very often. It gives us all the opportunity to celebrate each other’s progress (physically and spiritually) as a community. As we see you struggle through Thrusters (a push press combined with a front squat), we can cheer you on to do your best and to push through to the end. It provides us an opportunity to serve each other and share the love. The CrossFit Open is what you make it to be: a time to celebrate how far you’ve gone in one year, expose your weaknesses for next year, and enjoy a great time together — what we were all created to do. Fit 2 Serve CrossFit offers the best coaching staff near Las Vegas. With compassion and knowledge, we’ll help you get acclimated to CrossFit if you’re new, and help you get settled in. If you have children, we offer CrossFit Kids classes, as well as CrossFit for teenagers. Burning up excess energy will keep your youth active and will form a habit for life. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Fit 2 Serve CrossFit near Las Vegas today!