Crossfit is a general physical preparedness program developed for all fitness levels. It is designed to build extremely fit athletes able to perform at very high levels. The three pillars crossfit is built around are functional movements, those that are found in nature; a variety of that challenges both mentally and physically; and building up the intensity of the workout.

There are so many ways we differ from typical gyms. For example, our workouts do not involve repetitive motions with weights or other machines. These tend to focus only on one set of muscles. Our workouts incorporate functional movements that you can indeed apply to everyday tasks. These movements are varied so your body and mind are continually adapting to meet these new challenges.

Under the guidance of our certified coaches, our athletes complete workouts that are intense and varied. For instance, you will learn how to do Olympic style lifting, gymnastic movements and run and jump and climb ropes. You will have intense workouts; but we know you will have fun doing so.

Don’t for a moment think you need to be in shape for Crossfit workouts. Athletes come to us from all backgrounds, age and size. Whatever your fitness level is, we will work with you to create a custom workout that is appropriate for you. We urge residents of Las Vegas to come visit us and see what we can do for you.