There has been extensive research conducted that demonstrates the benefits of physical activities in relation to kids. For example, study after study shows that children who regularly engage in some form of physical activity will do better academically. As a parent, it can be daunting to select activities in which to enroll your children. You have several options including sports, dance or even perhaps martial arts, and kids will have their own opinions on what they prefer to do. Let’s not forget that yet another option for your kids should be Crossfit. Our Henderson facility offers a version of Crossfit scaled down and geared just for kids. Here are a few reasons your kids need to stay active.

Physical activity is generally promoted for its positive effect on your child’s physical health, and we are all more than likely well aware of this. There is a rather large body of study concluding that physical activity has several beneficial factors in your child’s mental health, including a better quality of life as well as better mood states. Additionally, there are strong indications that regular participation in physical activity is directly linked to enhancement of brain function and indeed cognition. It is in these enhancements that we see a positive influence in academic performance. In other words, physical activity quite literally makes you smarter.

The reasons why exercise is beneficial to cognition include an increased supply of oxygen to the brain, increased levels of endorphins and increased creation of new nerve cells. Given the relationship between physical activity and brain function and cognition, perhaps it would be wise to enroll your kids in Crossfit.