Fitness is an ever-present goal for most people. Fitness affects our health and well being, and most importantly, it affects what we can and can’t do. Going for a hike takes endurance and stamina, as well as a healthy heart and lungs. Ice skating requires balance and coordination. Running a charity 5k requires cardiovascular strength, speed, and flexibility. Fit2Serve Fitness in Las Vegas offers fitness classes that are full body workout routines that will help you build all aspects of fitness. If you are looking for a fitness gym in the Henderson or Las Vegas area, contact us today!


  1. Fitness. Fit2Serve Fitness focuses on goal-based programming. Our group fitness classes will challenge you to meet your goals by improving your health and performance in meaningful ways. We focus on building the fitness components you’ll need to lead an active lifestyle. For example, endurance training, meaning being able to perform work for a specific period of time, is crucial to fitness. Virtually anyone can maintain a sprint, but how many of us can endure a marathon?
  2. Nutrition. Working out in fitness classes in beautiful Las Vegas is a waste of time if your nutrition is horrible. You’ll never achieve any of your fitness goals if you work out for 30 minutes and then immediately eat a fast food meal or have a beer with your buddies. While these indulgences are good once in a while, they are meant to be once in a while.
  3. Accountability. Fit2Serve Fitness is above all a community. We support one another both inside and outside of the gym. What’s going on in your personal life is just as important as how much weight you bench pressed in class today. Fit2Serve Fitness is about fostering friendships and developing relationships to last a lifetime. We hold each other accountable, not just for fitness goals, but also for life goals.


The heart of our fitness classes in Las Vegas are our CrossFit workouts of the day. CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity that delivers results. By varying the workouts and the training modalities (aerobic versus anaerobic training), you’ll increase in CrossFit endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. You’ll see results across the board with our fitness classes and be one step closer to your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, increase endurance or stamina, or just get the blood flowing with friends, Fit2Serve is the fitness gym you’ve been seeking in Henderson.

Fit 2 Serve believes passionately that you need to be fit both physically and spiritually to serve others. We offer many community service events throughout the year that we hope you’ll join us in, and we encourage you to share your passion to help others with us as well, so we can help support and share in what is close to your heart. We combine fitness classes with nutrition and accountability to create an amazing community that serves others. Contact us today to get started!