If you’re a beginner to Crossfit, there is a lengthy learning curve to CrossFit terminology. Crossfit is a blend of weightlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic exercises. One of the most difficult to learn and to grasp, especially as an adult, is weightlifting. Weightlifting has been around a long time and has a rich history. Fit 2 Serve CrossFit near Las Vegas endeavors to explain common weightlifting terminology, so you’ll be a bit better prepared for weightlifting in CrossFit. Contact us today!


  • Clean. The clean involves moving the barbell from the floor to the front rack position, which is where the barbell sits on your deltoids near the collarbone. There are many varieties of the clean. The Power Clean is taken from the floor to the front rack position without squatting. The Squat Clean is taken from the floor to the front rack position with a full squat. The hang version of these two movements are the same except the barbell starts above the knees.
  • Jerk. The Jerk is when the barbell is in the front rack position and is moved explosively overhead. There are two versions here: the Split Jerk, where the lifter splits his or her feet to catch the bar and the Push Jerk, where the lifter merely bend the knees to get the bar overhead.
  • The Clean and Jerk. This is one of the two foundational moves (the other being the Snatch) that is seen in weightlifting competitions. The Clean and Jerk is combining these two moves.

Fit 2 Serve near Las Vegas sincerely hopes this explanation helps you the next time you’re in a CrossFit class or a weightlifting class. Frequently, CrossFit boxes will teach a weightlifting only class (affectionately known as “oly” class). We offer CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens classes in addition to our regular classes for adults. If you’re interested in youth CrossFit, weight loss training, or CrossFit training, contact us today!