At CrossFit 2 Serve, we are passionate about strengthening the bodies we have so that we can use them to help others. CrossFit can change your life – but many people are kept away from it by harmful misconceptions. Are any of the following ideas familiar?

MYTH: You will get rhabdo (rhabdomyolysis) and/or vomit.

  • FACT: Rhabdomyolysis is a life-threatening condition in which muscles are so damaged, substances leak from the muscles into the blood. Get enough of the substances in your blood, and it can cause kidney injury and even death. As for vomiting, this sometimes happens during high-intensity workouts. If you listen to your body, you do not have to fear either of these dangers. If you end up at a CrossFit gym where people push themselves to an unhealthy point, go somewhere else. You have control here; go where you’re healthy and happy.

MYTH: CrossFit makes women huge.

  • FACT: Many women are concerned about getting too “big” – too muscly, too heavy, to masculine. Women will avoid CrossFit because of this. CrossFit experts explain that it is designed to increase power, not muscle growth. Additionally, women’s individual build determines whether they will build muscle or not. Whichever your body is, you deserve to thrive in it.

MYTH: You have to be fit to join.

  • FACT: Actually, most CrossFitters are people who have been out of shape and are looking for a program that will keep them accountable and push them. Fitness levels range from women in their 60’s to college kids. Don’t let this misconception keep you away!

At CrossFit 2 Serve, we encourage you to achieve what “in shape” is for you, because it will give you the power to help others in your Las Vegas community. Check us out!