The Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests two hours or more of cardiovascular exercise every week to help build endurance and inspire optimal health. Running, swimming, cycling and crossfit are all excellent examples of popular activities that help build cardiovascular endurance. As an aspect of fitness, cardiovascular endurance serves as a gauge for your overall heart health.

All of your muscles, including your heart, adapt to the demands you place on them. When cardiovascular exercises are performed on a regular basis, the heart becomes stronger and much more effective at pumping blood to the organs. A strong supply of blood is needed in order for your organs to properly function. A weak heart will lead to the malfunction of your organs. A poor diet and infrequent exercise are two primary reasons cardiovascular disease develops.

You want to get the most from your workouts, cardiovascular endurance allows you to do just that. In building that endurance, you are better able to hit your peak levels for prolonged periods of time. It is important you start at a slower pace if you are new to exercise as your heart may not be a strong as you think.

Exercise is key if you want to lose weight. Cardiovascular endurance enables you to get the most from each and every one of your workouts. Longer workouts equal more calories burned and more weight loss. When you reach your optimal weight, keeping up with exercise ensures you will maintain your weight.

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