Finding an activity for your child can be quite the mission! From gymnastics to team sports to martial arts to dance – there are many options. Finding one that fits your child and helps him/her thrive is crucial.

CrossFit has the unique ability to empower your child no matter which activity he or she wants to explore in the future. It will give your child a powerful foundation that will make other sports easier. Crossfit will strengthen your child in three ways:


CrossFit develops emotions on a similar level to sports and martial arts. At CrossFit 2 Serve, we place huge emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, listening, manners, and self-discipline. Additionally, CrossFit develops confidence in kids and can help the transition into teenage years.


When children play sports, their minds develop rigorous neurological connections and adaptations. The resulting natural physical coordination will help them the rest of their lives by preventing injuries.

Fitness as a Lifestyle

At CrossFit 2 Serve, we put huge emphasis on the fun in working out. We want our kids to associate working out with a good time, because this will make them more likely to work out later in life. As a parent, if you make it a priority to get them into a healthy program, they will notice and realize the importance of being healthy. You can also lead by example and join our adult CrossFit classes!

At CrossFit 2 Serve, we reach beyond mere physical fitness and pursue purpose. Simply working out is not enough for us; it needs to benefit someone else. In addition to keeping your child emotionally and physically healthy, we will lead them beyond themselves into the world of service and the confidence it brings. Enroll today!